Chicken meat frying machine

Crispy chicken nuggets, chicken chops, and fryer. This equipment is made of food grade stainless steel and meets food safety requirements. This equipment includes oil-water separation type, full oil filtration type, electric heating type, gas heating type, etc. Customize different models of fryer assembly lines based on different production quantities. Popcorn chicken roller flour feeder
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This process uses limit control, zone temperature control, and scientific utilization of the specific gravity relationship between plant oil and animal oil to naturally deposit the animal oil extracted from fried meat into the lower layer of plant oil. This way, the working oil in the middle and upper layers remains pure, and the fried food not only has color, aroma, and taste, but also has a large continuous salt crispy chicken frying production line. The fully automatic electric heating chicken feet frying production line has a continuous frying equipment

Characteristics of drum feeding machine

The fryer is suitable for the continuous production of meat, fish, tofu, aquatic products, vegetables, pasta and other products, with high output and tight equipment. Adopting upper and lower double-layer mesh belts for transmission, the product is sandwiched between the double-layer mesh belts to avoid floating. Large automatic scraping and frying production line for diced meat ◇ The mesh belt conveyor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation. Free control of processing time. The equipment is equipped with an automatic lifting system, and the upper cover and mesh belt can be lifted and lowered for easy cleaning. Fully automatic plate and strip seafood frying assembly line, frying machine, fully automatic electric heating of chicken rice, fully automatic large continuous grilled fish frying assembly line, complete set of frying machine

A slag discharge system is installed at the bottom to discharge the generated residue at any time. A specially designed heating system enhances the thermal efficiency of energy sources

Continuous Popcorn chicken fried production line Large gluten fryer

Parameter Description of Popcorn chicken Roller Flour Feeder

Overall design description:

1. Fried products: fish tofu, seasoned food.

2. Equipment model: LYL-8500 × 800B.

3. Rated power of electric heating tube: 252 kW.

4. Heating method: electric heating fully automatic boneless chicken fillet frying production line

5. Frying temperature: 175-185 ° C.

6. Instrument temperature control range: ambient temperature -200 ° C.

7. Hourly frying yield: 1000 kilograms

8. Temperature control accuracy: ± 2 ° C.

9. Frying time control range: 40 seconds to 3 minutes, frying time variable frequency adjustable.

10. Frying time: 60 seconds.

11. Mesh belt form: Type B mesh belt+plate type PTFE non stick mesh belt+longitudinal scraper plate.

12. Equipment dimensions: (length × wide × High: 8500 × one thousand and eight hundred × 1850mm.

13. Mesh belt width: 800mm, fully automatic electric heating chicken feet frying production line, continuous frying equipment

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