Vacuum frying machine

The low-temperature fryer integrates heating, frying, oil storage, deoiling, dehydration, and oil filtration design, and is continuously completed under vacuum. The product has low oil content and is in a negative pressure state. Under this relatively hypoxic condition, food processing can reduce or even avoid the harm caused by oxidative functions such as fatty acid rancidity, enzymatic browning, and other oxidative spoilage.
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Equipment features:

      1.heating, frying, oil storage, de-oiling, dewatering, oil filter integration design, continuity and under vacuum and low oil content products, products in the vacuum state, under the condition of the relative lack of oxygen in food processing, can reduce or even avoid oxidation (such as fatty acids, enzymatic Browning and other oxidation, etc.) caused by the damage. In the negative pressure state, with oil as the heat transfer medium, the moisture in the food (free water and partial hydration) will rapidly evaporate, and the tissue will form loose and porous structure.

  1. Automatic control of temperature and pressure (vacuum degree), no overheating, no overpressure, ensuring product quality and safe production.
  2. The oil removal is controlled by frequency conversion, which is suitable for all products with low oil content and high oil content.
  3. The oil and water separation system can separate the evaporative water and oil, reduce the pollution of water circulation, improve the reuse of water and reduce the loss of oil.
  4. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, stable performance and convenient installation and use.

     6.the machine is a key operation, after press the start button, the Fried pot heat oil - oil - vacuum - - automatic temperature controlling Fried (material basket rotation at low speed, in the process of Fried food in the basket of agitation, Fried more even) – de-oiling (vacuum, frequency conversion motor high speed rotating) - open the Fried pot take (a Fried process is over)

  1. Power distribution system: the control system is stable and reliable for Taiwan's weilun system and zhengtai electric control system; The control system includes deep frying, vacuuming, primary filtration, oil removal, oil removal, opening and other functions to achieve full automatic control. Stable performance and convenient operation; Touch panel according to different food adjustment working time, the interface is more intuitive, the operation is more convenient. Host, frequency converter, temperature control system include: PLC module extension, touch screen, switching power supplies, buttons, isolation transformers, air switch, contactor, thermal relay, UK terminal, wire, intermediate relays, circuit breakers, etc., including PLC and frequency converter adopt Taiwan whalen brand, low-voltage electrical appliances use chengtai brand. All actions are controlled by PLC, 10 inch LCD touch screen, real-time display, modification pressure, temperature, oil surface height, frying time, deoil time, deoil speed.
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