What are the methods for checking the faults of fryers?

  • Release time: 2023-07-01

Vacuum fryerDiscuss in detail the tips for checking the faults of the fryer. The fryer is a product with synchronous precision and stable operation, and generally the traditional frying process has good quality. Today, I will introduce to you how to check the causes of fryer malfunctions. Below, I will explain to you the methods for checking fryer malfunctions.

1、 The Vacuum packing machine commonly referred to as upper and lower vacuum chambers and sealing rings at present is of cavity structure, consisting of upper vacuum chamber, lower vacuum chamber and sealing rings placed between the upper and lower vacuum chambers. When choosing, for packaging of dry and non corrosive materials such as solids and particles, aluminum alloy materials can be used. For packaging with soup and materials with high salt and acid content, stainless steel or aluminum magnesium alloy materials can be used.

2、 The four connecting rods supporting the displacement of the upper vacuum chamber, the front and rear two on each long axis, must be kept parallel, and the left and right sets of connecting rods must also be relatively parallel to ensure that the vacuum chamber on the fryer is parallel to the lower vacuum chamber at any position. Otherwise, if the upper and lower vacuum chambers cannot be kept parallel, the operating pressure will significantly increase, and in severe cases, vacuum cannot be established normally.

3、 The hot press sealing device and printing device of the fryer are installed in a vacuum chamber, and are wrapped with heat sealed linoleum. The fixed part of the device mainly consists of a printing rubber frame and a printing rubber strip. The printing rubber strip is processed with heat-resistant silicone rubber, with a flat surface with diagonal or straight lines. At the same time, the seal is printed with a concave and convex transparent production date. If colored printing is required, a color band printer needs to be used separately.

4、 Time relays usually use two, one to control the vacuum time; The other one is to control the heat sealing time. Installed on the electrical circuit board, and the adjustment knob installed on the operation panel; The other type is a rotary table type, with the body installed on the operation panel and a large rotary table on the body; In addition, there is a digital display type installed on the operation panel, which uses 0-99S for vacuum and 0-9.9S for heat sealing.

The above are several methods for checking the faults of the fryer. When operating the equipment, everyone should follow the correct operating procedures and also do a good job in maintenance, in order to reduce and avoid the occurrence of equipment faults.

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