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  • Release time: 2023-05-06

Factory colleagues are busy testing machines and inspecting goods one by one, packaging the fully automatic steam line and forming the assembly line. We ensure that the machines of our cooperating customers are in good condition after receiving the goods.
The fully automatic steam line forming assembly line realizes integrated production, saving labor while increasing production. The steam line process has a pump machine to suck materials to an automatic touch plate, and the fish tofu formed by the touch plate is steamed through the steam line and automatically cut into pieces.
Technical parameters of fully automatic steam line forming assembly line
1. Power supply: 380V/50H
2. Total power: 12KW
3. Material: The thickness of the formed inner groove stainless steel plate is 2mm, the measured thickness of the outer surface is not less than 1.5mm, and the measured thickness of the inner and outer layers of the upper cover is not less than 1.2mm. The overall material is SUS304 fully automatic continuous meat strip steam production line
4. The upper cover is controlled by electrical appliances, with a length of 1 meter per section
5. Steam line size: L/W/H=3300 * 750 * 2000mm
6. The width of the mesh belt is 600mm.
7. Feeding area: automatic discharge spreader
8. Cooking area: Well sealed, equipped with observation doors (300mm * 400mm) for easy observation and cleaning. There are more than 5 observation doors, and the speed and temperature of the chain can be adjusted by Shanghai Hertz frequency converter.
9. Partition zone: Automatic strip cutting, then automatic block cutting, adjustable in size, and equipped with protective cover.
10. Drainage system: There is a drainage outlet at the bottom of the steam line, which is curved to prevent water accumulation
11. Temperature control system: Automatically adjust heating.
12. Exhaust system: installed at both ends of the steam line, with an automatic exhaust port of air duct type, and exhaust pipes made on site.
13. Production capacity 1.2-1.5 tons/hour.
14. Factor of safety: leakage protection, overload automatic power-off.

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